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  • Greetings from Seattle, Manila, Lagos, Dallas, Mexico City and Los Angeles! The Lord blessed Elena's and my most recent missionary journey "beyond anything we could ask or imagine!" (Ephesians 3:20) At the Seattle Inaugural Service, to accommodate the 191 in attendance, several were standing in the ... [read more]
  • Greetings from Bogota, New York City and Moscow! The Bogota Inaugural Service on Sunday, April 17th was incredible! With 5 on the Mission Team and 26 in the Remnant Group, God gave us 140 in attendance! Then on the weekend of April 22-24th in New York City (NYC), instead of us encouraging the church... [read more]
  • Greetings from Orlando, San Francisco and Los Angeles! What a terrific month in God's SoldOut Movement! In Orlando, Elena & I were privileged to participate in the wedding of Adrian & Kacie Jimenez, as well as to visit with dear partners in the faith, Matt & Helen Sullivan and Mike &... [read more]
  • Greetings from Sao Paulo and Mexico City! In Sao Paulo, Brazil on February 19-21, 2016, the First Brazil Missions Conference – EN CHAMAS (ON FIRE) – was held with 231 in attendance! Then on the next weekend in Mexico City, this awesome congregation hosted for the first time the Latin American Missio... [read more]
  • Greetings from warm and sunny Los Angeles! Our Almighty God has been moving powerfully throughout the world as there have been so many exciting events and developments in God's SoldOut Movement since the last Good News Email on December 13, 2015! And as remarkable as 2015 was with the planting of Mo... [read more]
  • Greetings from Los Angeles! Our prayers have been answered! Andrew Smellie – the World Sector Leader for Africa – just received a two year, multiple entry visa to Nigeria! Lord willing, Andrew will leave LA for Lagos to "spy out the land" on November 2nd and return November 11th! Andrew is retu... [read more]
  • Greetings from Sacramento, California and Stockholm, Sweden – the two newest church plantings of the SoldOut Movement! In an effort to be more concise, this and future editions of the Good News Email will focus on the most recent and exciting reports from selected congregations around the world. Pra... [read more]