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2016 Bulletins
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July 2016; “Join The Revolution – Tim Kernan" Link
January 2016; “We Are Family Prayer Goals for 2016 – Kip McKean" Link

2014 Bulletins
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August 2014; “Meet Your World Sector Leaders – Kip McKean" Link
June 2014; “Faithful…Through The Storm" Link
May 2014; “Homeward Bound" Link
April 2014; "Confronting the Spiritual Holocaust"  Link
March 2014; "A Few Lessons & A Lifetime of Memories"  Link
February 2014; "A Labor of Love"  Link
January 2014; Winter Workshop 2014; "The Hope of All Nations"  Link
2013 Bulletins
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December 2013; "The Gift that Keeps on Giving: Guest Editorial (Chins)" Link
November 2013; "A Decision to Believe" Link
October 2013; "Discipling: Training that Transforms!" Link
September 2013; "Deep Convictions" Link
August 2013; "REPORT: 2013 GLC – "Prophets & Kings" Link
July 2013; "A Journey of Faith vs. Fear" Link
June 2013; "REPORT: Day of MERCY!" Link
May 2013; "Light the Fire" Link
April 2013; "The World Must Know" Link
March 2013; "Decide to Walk with God" Link
February 2013; "The International College of Christian Ministries (ICCM)" Link
January 2013; "ENTRUSTED TO THE SAINTS" – 2013 Prayer Goals Link
2012 Bulletins
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December 2012; "God: All I want for Christmas is YOU!" Link
November 2012; "Forcefully Advancing Through the Storm!" Link
October 2012; "100 Sold Out Disciples for the Lord!" Link
September 2012; "The World Needs a H.E.R.O." Link
August 2012; "Report: 2012 Global Leadership Conference" Link
July 2012; "We Desire to Know God…and to Make Him Known!" Link
June 2012; "The Shot Heard 'Round the World" – Guest Editorial — Coltin Rohn" Link
May 2012; "Why Do People Forsake Christianity?" Link
April 2012; "The Need for Constant Spiritual Restoration!" Link
March 2012; "Spiritual Cataracts?" Link
February 2012; "NEW YORK: The Battleground for Spiritual Revival" Link
January 2012; "REPORT: 2012 Winter Workshops – "Seek First His Kingdom!" Link
2011 Bulletins
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December 2011; "Reclaiming Christmas" Link
November 2011; "Are You Watching Your Life?" Link
October 2011; "A Mission Team Mindset of L.O.V.E." Link
September 2011; "Who is a Christian?" Link